Participatory Democracy in the UK

This is the second seminar in the series Land Justice: For and by the people

Participatory Democracy in the UK


Speakers: Richard Lee Just Space (, Myfanwe Taylor Wards Corner (, Angela Williams and Jenny Barlow Langholm Initiative (, Matthew from Rhizome Coop (, and a speaker on Participatory Budgeting

After briefly considering the serious inadequacies of the current planning system, this seminar will focus on the inspiring alternatives which puts people at the centre of decision-making on land use. Just Space will present their work on community-led and neighbourhood planning. Wards Corner will discuss how using the model of neighbourhood planning they have managed to fight off developers and succeed in making the voice of the community heard. The Langholm Community Initiative will provide an example of a community coming together, first to campaign to buy the land and then to manage it together.

We will go on to explore two other aspects of people-led decision-making: participatory budgeting and the actual process of getting people to make decisions together.

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