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4.0 out of 5 stars Good book about Cairngorms life and times applicable to tensions over land use everywhere

Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 15 January 2022

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I bought this book because it investigates a problem bubbling away all over the UK, whether rural, suburban or urban. The book shines with the author’s intimate love and knowledge of the Cairngorms and mountains climbing and will appeal to people sharing those interests. It also gives an illuminating case study of change and the polarized interests of groups experiencing it with different perspectives. Does change, and notably gentrification, rob existing populations when it hits or create new opportunities for them? Can the tensions between anglers and paddlers on the river or walkers and mountain bikers in woodland be resolved? Similarly, my concerns are about tensions between anglers and boaters on the canal or walkers and cyclists on the towpath. This book is both thought provoking and insightful in dissecting the reasons behind tensions. In the process, the author shows interests can be in common and grounds for hope. Land for What? Land for Whom? Is well written and I recommend it, with one reservation: the content is based on a dissertation therefore very thorough. However, sensible sub-headings assist navigation. Well worth the purchase.

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