Update on RSPB Abernethy

Those who have read my book will be aware that many local people were critical of the RSPB in general and RSPB Abernethy. It is not my role to say whether these views were justified or not but to document what my research found out.

I have recently had an online chat with Uwe, the current site manager for RSPB Abernethy. He was keen to let me know what they are doing to ensure the involvement of the local community in developing plans for the future of Abernethy (See: https://nethybridge.com/abernethy-vision/). He would also like to have more links with farmers to see how they can work together. For him, building bridges is key.

If anyone has any news on how this is going, please email me. I am hoping that Uwe will write a piece for this blog and give more details on the plans.

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