Towards a Land Justice Manifesto Out Now!


The People’s Land Policy has been working on this manifesto for some time. They originally produced a pamphlet called Working Towards a People’s Land Policy. They distributed thousands of copies and held a series of workshops and seminars which brought forth a wealth of views, ideas, and inspiration from a wide variety of people.

The result of this process is the Manifesto. Trawling through all the material they have gathered over several years, they have brought together the key ideas that emerged, ones that resonated with many people and could inspire and motivate an embryonic movement for land justice.

This document is one contribution to the development of a campaigning manifesto. It will be developed through feedback and discussion as part of a grass roots land justice movement, embedded in the community and the struggle of ordinary people for a better world. In addition, much more work needs to be done on the practicalities of translating general ideas into actual changes on the ground.

They would very much like feedback. Contact

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