In Badenoch and Strathspey

I have been in Scotland these past few weeks and have focused on giving the book to all those who helped me with the research. This has been an amazing experience- seeing people who I hadn’t seen for 21 years! People seem really pleased to get a copy of a book that they are actually in. I only hope that I have done justice to their contribution- without them the book would not exist.

Many issues came up during the conservations I had with people as I made my visits. It was like I was still doing research, listening to people talk about what is going on in the area and in their lives. Many of the issues are very similar- there are still conflicts, eg the Capercaillie project, mountain biking, and what to do about the funicular (which is still not working). There are also many positive developments as well, such as a local initiative to create a community ice rink for the winter (see photo). I hope to develop these in this website. A book is limited to the time it was written but a place continues to change and develop.