Land Justice: By and for the People

Here is an interesting event organised by the People’s Land Policy- a project working for land reform in England ( The topic is how to get everyone involved in making decisions about land and other issues rather than just the powerful- an important theme in my book. One of the speakers in the second seminar will be from the Langholm Initiative (see photo) which has succeeded in raising the substantial funds need to buy out the Duke of Buccleuch. The level of community involvement has been very high so a good example to discuss.

Land Justice: By the People and for the People

This is the third seminar series organised by the People’s Land Policy. If we are to achieve land justice, it is vital that everyone is fully included in decisions about how land is used. Currently, decisions about how land is used and for whose benefit are currently made by those who own and control the land, within the context of market forces. These might be private landowners or government, subject to certain regulation by the planning system. This system does not work for the common good.  So how can we ensure that all people are directly involved and that they come together to form an effective movement for land justice?

This question will be addressed in the following seminars:

Seminar One: Participatory Democracy (PD) in Theory and Practice

October 25th: 7 pm

To register:

Speakers: Gabriela Sarmet from Coletivo Decolonial, Calum Green from Involve, and Andy Belfield from Public Works

This seminar will begin with a look at the current method of decision-making: liberal democracy and then introduce the concept of participatory democracy as a contrast. There will be a focus on the theory behind participatory democracy but will use practical examples to explore how PD has been put into practice in its different versions.

We will then consider the Commons as another model of direct decision-making, examining the similarities and differences with PD.

Seminars Two and Three:

Nov 8th and 22nd: 7 pm.

  • Participatory Democracy in the UK

Speakers: Just Space, Wards Corner, Langholm Community Initiative, Participatory Budgeting, Rhizome co-op

  • Making Participatory Democracy a Reality: Building a Movement

Speakers: Thiago Ávila and he is one of the founders of the Movimento do Bem Viver, Shared Assets and one other.

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